It’s not all about being a mug! It’s about the brand!

Promotional products have been helping businesses of all sizes for many years, to expand the reach of their products or services. They are a simple and effective way to help people to understand and remember your brand and message.

Brands are all around us and have been from before the 17th Century. With Tate and Lyle’s golden syrup being recognised as the oldest British brand by the Guinness Book of Records. Many people will know the Tate and Lyle brand, as we have seen it so often since childhood. It was only recently that I found out the lion on the tin is not resting (as I thought for years) but is actually dead with bees buzzing around! Which goes to show it is more about seeing the brand many times and recognising it, than studying it intently.

A brand is the perception that a client has when they hear or think of your business name, service or product. It can give them assurance of what they are going to get from their purchase and to make them feel safe. A brand not only creates loyal customers, but it can create loyal employees too. Giving them something to believe in, something to stand behind, helping them to understand the purpose of the of the business.

The more frequently people see a brand the more likely they are to think of it, at the right time. This may be for themselves or to help a friend or colleague.

The question is how can you keep what you do, and your business, consistently in front of customers without spending a lot of money? Well, research shows that 89% of consumers can recall a brand even two years after receiving a promotional product, according to By having a logo in front of your clients repeatedly or by adding an emotion to your brand with sweets and treats, you can keep your business in their mind for many months to come.

By having your brand consistently in many places like your website, business card, blogs, social media, emails and on promotional products you can make sure people are exposed to your brand, as often as possible. If you use all of these forms in a subtle informative way, people will soon remember you. Then all you need to do is keep in touch and remind them now and again.

Having something like a mug for the morning coffee or a pen, with your brand on, on your client’s desk, can remind them of you 8 hours per day, 5 days per week. Quality products will be used again and again, so end up being a fraction of the cost of advertising. For example, a mug which costs £3.50 and is kept for 3 months (60 working days) costs 6p per day!

It's all about getting your brand out there, in the most cost-effective way possible. So however you decide to keep your brand in front of people,  just remember to make it is consistent. Just like the Tate and Lyle has for as long as I can remember. Just maybe don't use the dead lion!


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