Jo’s promo teabags! - Guest Blog

I know what you’re all thinking.

Jo – why teabags for your latest promo merch?

Okay, okay, I’ll tell you.

Though my personality is probably enough of a gift to bestow on my clients and all those who work with me, I always think it’s nice to send people a little something every now and then to show them that I’m thinking about them, and to remind them that I’ve got a mortgage to pay if they fancy slinging some further work my way.

I’ve previously sent out handwritten cards as tokens of appreciation, which I opted for because such a thing is a nice surprise in the post, and one that I’d certainly count as liking to receive myself. Plus, it makes sense for a writer to share something related to writing, I guess! I wanted something else, though. Something extra. The cards were no longer enough!

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A little about the author Jo Watson

Writing stuff. Making other people’s written stuff better. Training people to write their own stuff. Known for having a shocking inability to hold back an (exquisitely articulated) opinion, I also make inappropriate jokes and struggle to hide my love of puns. I’m a CMI Chartered Manager with fancy letters after my name, and I’m also a former teacher. These days, I’m in possession of my very own child, and none of my former training or experience works on her.

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