Keep It Sweet With Promotional Sweets.

I often hear people say that they like the idea of promotional sweets, but think they don’t stay around long enough to keep their brand and message memorable.

So are promotional sweets a good product?

If you look back over time, many of your memories will be created, about food. Like school ravioli that tasted like it had been filled with dog food (I haven’t eaten dog food, but I imagine it would taste bad) through to eating ravioli in Barcelona which created a fabulous memory.

Food touches lots of our sense from sight, smell, touch and taste. And can give happy associations to a brand as long as the promotional sweets taste nice.

Promotional sweets can also take us back to times in our past, reminding us of happy times. Such as strawberry & creams, fruit salads and flying saucers. 

Promotional sweets are a fun way to get in touch with people you have not heard from for a while, and in our experience, they have a great response. Many people get in touch to say thank you for the promotional sweets. This gives an excellent opportunity to have a chat and see how things are going for them if they need help with anything. 

Promotional sweets are also useful if you would like to get a prospect or customer to read some information. They will often eat the promotional sweets and browse the information you have sent at the same time. Which works well, as long as the information is compelling.

If you would like any ideas of how you can use promotional products in your business or for your next campaign, get in touch now.

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