Marketing.....Six Reasons Why You Should Not Ignore Promotional Products.

We all know we must market our businesses, but do you include promotional products in your plan? By using promotional products, you are effectively adding another string to your bow and another way to get your brand in front of your client to ensure you stay at the forefront of their minds, until they are ready to buy. Here are 6 reasons why we believe every marketing strategy, can benefit from using promotional products.


1.       They Give You Another Marketing Channel


By adding another string to you bow you have another way of getting in touch with clients and exposing them to your brand. You also have a perfect reason to contact your clients and check they received the gift, if you posted it. Or if you have given them the gift in person, you then have a point of conversation when you follow up with them.


2.     Cost Effective If Correctly Targeted


Studies show 65% of people can recall the brand of the company they received a promotional product from in the last 12 months. Making the products cost effective, begins with knowing who you would like to target. You can then use the correct message and product to target specific target areas. By calculating the cost of the gifts against the cost of your average order, will help with budget control and your break-even calculations.


3.       Increased Brand Awareness


Whilst we are surrounded by technology humans still like to have something in their hand, which they can feel and touch. Receiving a free tangible gift will get your brand into your clients hand and add a little excitement. By adding the excitement of a free gift to your brand, you will make it instantly more memorable. Which increases brand awareness.


4.     They Help to Keep Existing Clients Engaged


Promotions and promotional products should not be left to just new clients and prospects, as this will have a negative effect on existing clients. By treating existing clients with gifts, you are showing them how much you care and value them, which will strengthen relationships and increase customer retention. Good relationships will pay off in the log run and give your clients far more to focus on than just price.


5.     Get Your Customers To Become Your Ambassadors


This will depend on the type of gift you give. But may gifts such as note pads, pens, bags, t-shirts and caps will be used by your customers and prospects in their everyday lives. They then become a public ambassador for your brand, a human bill board. Taking your brand on their travels and raising your brand awareness. Some brands have done this very well and can even get people to buy their products with their brand on and advertise it for free, such as SuperDry.


6.     Use Promotional Products to Add Value Instead of a Discount


Add a free quality promotional product instead of a discount to your client’s purchase, you can give them the thrill of a free gift and customers will feel special. They will then have a gift with your brand on which will have a greater perceived and may they even become a brand ambassador for free. Make sure the promotional product has a lower cost to you than any monetary discount you would have given.  This is a clever way to use the money you would have discounted, which apart from reducing the price would have had no value after the sale. So, your customer is happy as they have received a gift, the gifts have cost you less money than a discount would have. Choose your gift carefully and they may even use it in their everyday lives and show off your brand for free.


The Perfect Way To Add Another String to Your Bow


Think carefully about the audience you would like to target and the type of gift that will suit them best, you can add another string to your bow and make sure your brand is not out of sight and out of mind to your clients. By keeping your brand at the fore front of your clients mind you will stand out from your competition and allow them to get to know you and brand. Giving them far more to focus on than just price.

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