My Pain Wasn't As Bad As The Sale.

A little while ago we had a small crisis.

The dishwasher had broken a few weeks earlier and could not be fixed. The novelty of washing up and flicking each other with tea towels had soon worn off. With 4 people living at home and one of whom loves cooking with every pan and utensil, we own. Dishes were frequently piling up. 


So it was decided after a bit of internet research, we would bite the bullet and buy a new one. I was sent out on the mission to make the purchase (apparently, I know what I want). So I went to our local large appliance supplier, stayed focused and headed towards the dishwasher section. 


I really don't like shopping, especially for dishwashers! My plan was to have a quick look, hand over the money, put it in the car and be back to the excited faces. Who will only be too happy to help me unload it. All in about an hour!

There were three salespeople on the floor. Two who seemed to be doing their best to ignore me and another chap, who was about the same age as my son, who came over to ask if he could help. 


I explained what I was looking for and he explained what was available and points I should think about before, I made the purchased. He didn't sell, he just educated me. He didn't need to sell, as I had already told him. I wanted something I could take away today!


All was going well. There were two which were suitable, both in stock. Sniffing a possible sale one of the salesmen, an older guy, who had previously ignored my existence came over, saying to the other guy, he would take over and help me. I said everything was fine as it was. But he was quite insistent. 


He droned on for a while, pointing me towards dishwashers which it had already been established, by the other salesman, were not in stock. 


As I began to lose the will to live, the pain of washing up for another night was, replaced by the pain of this salesman, droning on. Suddenly even if I had to wash up and dry up all of the dishes we owned. It would not be as bad, as being talked at by this chap. 


So I went home empty-handed. Explained to my family what had happened. Ordered a dishwasher to come the next day online and we all washed up, one last time together. 


The same may have happened to you. Just maybe not with the dishwasher. It is not a pleasant feeling. 

Making purchases are mainly made for an emotional reason and often


with the internet decisions have already been made before, people set foot in the shop. 


I was not buying a dishwasher for just the features of the dishwasher. I was buying it for the benefits it will give me. it will free up everyone's time in the evening.  This is a precious time as I know my children will not be at home forever (much as I may deny it). It will stop me feeling annoyed when I walk into the kitchen and see a pile of dirty dishes on the side. It gives me a cupboard to hide them in. 


The sale should have been easy. I had a need, the funds and a way of transporting it home. 


Sometimes all you need to do is ask for the sale. Especially if you have provided enough information for your customer for them to do the research. 


I thought the smarmy salesman were a dying breed, but alas no! There is at least one of them left. 


We need to talk to customers and ask what their needs are and what problem they are looking to solve. Then be quiet and listen to their answer. Not just decide what we think they want. 


You can educate customers with your marketing, on the problems you solve to make their life better. They may not be ready to buy instantly, but by keeping them engaged with emails, social media and promotional products. You will then be at the forefront of their mind when they are ready to buy or recommend you.


Just remember when they are ready to buy, do not stop them and persuade them otherwise. 


If you would like to be more memorable, we may be able to help.


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