No One Likes A Tumbleweed Moment... Stop Them With Promotional Products

We help our clients to use promotional products, so they do not have the moments of silence, with the tumbleweed blowing through.

Have you ever had a tumbleweed moment? I have had a few in the past, they are not great. It feels like the silence goes on forever, but that is probably just my imagination. 

It can be easy, to let this happen to your customers. There is a lot of interaction, when the customer is on their journey, through the sales funnel. There are calls, emails, voicemails and lots of messages back and forth. A flurry of activity. 

But as soon as the sale has been made and the customer plops out of the bottom of the funnel, they can arrive in a place of silence. No one calls or emails. You can almost hear the tumbleweed blowing through. This can continue, until they either get in touch themselves or until the sales team decides, they need to go round again. Back into the top of the funnel, to start their journey all over again. It's probably not something that is intentional. It is just something that happens.

But does this remind you of anyone? We probably all know someone who never gets in touch, until, they want something from you. Or in this case, they want you to buy something. It can become a little wearing. 

There are many simple solutions though. You can give them a call and check that everything is, as they hoped it would be. Call and ask, if there is anything else, you can help them with. You could send them a thank you gift, to say thank you for the business, thank you for being a loyal customer or just thank you for choosing us again.  

We send our clients a gift with our contact details on, which they can have on their desk or in their bag. They always have our contact details to hand, when they need them. We help our clients to do the same.

Many businesses feel this is a waste of time, but as 68% of business is lost, due to indifference.  We think it is well worth the effort. As it doesn’t cost a lot to go the extra mile and to be a little different.

If you are thinking you would like to use good quality promotional products, to thank your clients, but are not sure how. Or if you have a few questions, just get in touch for a bit of advice.


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