Planning Your Promotional Products For 2019

We often have enquiries for promotional products by clients who have a slight hint of panic in their voice. They have an event next week and they have not ordered any promotional products for their visitors.

Of course we can help them and we are happy to find them something exciting for their event. However the short lead time does restrict the products which we can offer them.

The shorter lead time also adds more stress to the whole procedure.

What we like to do is to work with clients over the year to plan the events, which they have coming up in the year ahead. These event could be for marketing campaigns as well as events.

Planning ahead will enable us to offer you the best options in promotional products in the most cost effective way.

By looking at the events as a hole for the year, you can also look at which products can be used for multiple events. Which can help to reduce costs and to order you promotional products with time to spare for any artwork changes and have everything delivered with time to spare.

Giving you one less thing to think about and enable you to get on with planning for the event or running your business.

If you would like us to help you with your promotional products for 2019, fill in the short form here and we can get started.

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