Promotional Gift Bags

The promotional gift bag is fabulously exciting!

A beautiful bag with all kinds of hidden treasures, under the crunchy tissue paper. Creating excitement and intrigue, which will take you back to childhood memories of the lucky dip.

What will you find, as you delve deep? What are you secretly hoping to find? 

Promotional gifts bags can be a fantastic tool for marketing a business, creating an exciting experience of a brand. However, sometimes they fall a little flat and leave the audience deflated. 

So, let's look at some ideas to prevent this. 

Firstly, where should you use them?

They can be used at trade shows, events when you visit a client or even when a client visits you. They are an excellent way for your brand to stay around after you have gone home

Research shows they can increase brand recognition and are lightly to lead to a sale for the business. As 84% of people who receive promotional products, go on to buy from the business. Which, goes to show, a little investment can go a long way. 

So what should you put in the bag?

It can sometimes feel there that are too many options to choose from. As, not only do you need to choose the contents, but also the bag.

Do you go for a paper bag or a reusable bag like a cotton shopper? Then what on earth do you put into it?

How can you avoid the things, that head straight for the bin?

I would suggest that you start by, thinking about the people you will be giving the bag too. I would always say if you have the budget, it is worth choosing a bag which can be used time and time again. Like a cotton shopper or a jute bag.

These options will give you greater brand exposure.


Cotton shopper


The second part is filling the bag. With so many options how do you choose?

Fill it with promotional products which are useful, meaningful, and functional items.

Put yourself in the shoes of the receiver. Will they keep this on your desk at work or in their bag? Or would you throw it away?

Depending on the type of company you are, you could go for something a little different like a T-Shirt or a desktop garden. 

Products which are always well received are:

Pens: Even with all of the technology we have around us, a pen is still one of the top promotional products. We all use them, and I am sure we all have at least a few. You may even be able to see one now. They are a effective way to get your brand in front of people. 


Promotional pen


Travel Mugs: With the rise of on the go coffee or coffee in the office, travel mugs are a firm favourite. Especially as we are now learning that only 1 in every 400 disposable cups are recycled. With a travel mug, your brand is also in front of all f the people who are in the coffee shop as well as the person you gave it to. 

Travel mug


Edible gifts: Promotional sweets are always a winner! Whether they are for people who are flagging at a trade show or conference. Or for existing customers as a little treat, to say thank you.  You can relieve their hunger and also fulfil your branding needs at the same time. 

There are such a variety of edible gifts from retro sweets and chocolates to biscuits or trail mix. 

Promotional sweets


Powerbank: We seem to be forever charing one gadget or another in the modern world. So why not take the stress away from your client by giving them a power bank. Ensuring they can always charge on the go, with your brand saving them from the dreaded battery low sign. 

So you now have a few great ideas to fill your bag with. Don't forget the tissue paper. 

P.S. If you would like a little more help. Or would like someone to handle the whole project for you then get in touch. We will just need a few details; you can fill them in here

Or call 07393170474 and we can help you create something which will represent your brand and business personality.