Promotional Products Are Dead... Aren’t they?

Marketing is an incredibly clever form of publicity, which surrounds us all. Whether we are at home or out and about. We are constantly exposed to adverts. With the average person in the UK processing 1583 ads per day. From television and magazines, to social media and banners. These forms of advertising are visual and whilst they are a great way to get your message to your target market. It is good to add something a little extra to the mix.


Strengthen Your Relationship for the Future


Promotional products are a more traditional way of advertising, but far from being dead. They are still going strong. Especially when used with your existing marketing plan. As being able to get your brand into your client’s hand, is incredibly powerful. With 66% of people keeping a useful promotional product. They are a very affordable option and far easier to find at the end of a busy trade show than just a leaflet, which will mingle in with the rest. So, if you only have one opportunity to give your details to a prospect (at a trade show for instance), a promotional product will have make a great start. You can then reinforce your message with other channels later.  


Strengthen Your Relationship


By choosing a thoughtful giveaway that fits with your brand message, you can demonstrate the kind of company you are and how creative and thoughtful you are. Without asking your audience for anything. Enabling you to nurture your relationship for the future.


Well-Made Product


People who receive promotional products tend to remember where they are from, as they are a physical item, they can use, touch or taste them. You can choose something which will be in front of them on the desk, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Or a well-made product such as a bag, water bottle or notepad, people will show it off to others around them as they use it, giving your brand even further reach.


Great for Business.


By using different channels to allow your target market to see your brand and associate with it, brand awareness will grow. The more opportunities you take to get your brand and message seen on a regular basis, the sooner it will become familiar. It will then be you, at the forefront of your clients and prospects minds, when they are ready to buy. Which can only be great for business.