Promotional Products That Demand Attention!

Evergreen Promotional Products

I had a call from a customer the other day.

It was quite unusual, as they didn’t need my help.

They actually wanted to introduce me to one of their clients, as they thought I may be able to help.

Which I was more than happy to do.

Now about 2 months ago, we decided to send desktop gardens, branded with the Gifts Two Give logo and message, to some of our customers.

The plant pot is made from aluminium, comes with soil coins and seeds and the plant grows inside. All they had to do was add water.

Now the beauty of plants is, that they quietly demand attention!

Now our customer had planted their seeds and they were growing nicely on their windowsill.

Which made sure they saw our logo and message regularly. At least each time they tended to their plant or looked out of the window.

Having that regular reminder helped them to refer us to their client, who was looking for some giveaways for a workshop they were running for their customers in a few week’s time.

It was an easy referral for them as they said we think of you each time we see the plant.

Now the referral is something which has worked well for us all. My customer has been able to help their client, their clients are happy as they have great promotional products to give away. I am happy as I have been able to help the customer I already had and the new one I have just gained!

So, it is a win for us all, which may not have happened if it had not been for the little plant on the windowsill.

The promotional product we chose didn’t need to be a plant. It could have easily been something else which is useful and that would be used regularly.

Now when I say a branded product, I am not talking about the cheap tat that is covered from head to toe with a logo and message.

The branding can be something which is subtle and adds to the quality look of the product instead of detracting from it.

This could be embroidery on a t-shirt, embossing on a notebook or branding on a promotional pen.

All are examples of how you can stay at the forefront of your client’s minds, even when you have left the room.

Desktop Garden

Desktop Garden