Promotional Products…Part Of Your Social Media.....?

There was a time when businesses could only be promoted in newspaper ads, on sandwich boards and by words of mouth. Well things have moved on a little and there are now so many options, that can be used individually or together as part of a plan.


Whilst one channel will be easier to manage, you may be missing out on opportunities. By joining up your channels, you can let customers and prospects know what is going on in other places. For instance, you have the follow us on twitter button on your website and you have a link to a blog on your website, on twitter. You may post an article on LinkedIn and a link to your website, if they would like to read more about you.


It’s all about having a flow and allowing people to have a look at their own pace, at what you do. As humans, we are naturally curious creatures.  By allowing people to investigate and find out more about you, you are quenching this desire for knowledge. 


What a lot of people don’t think about, is joining up social media with promotional products. By giving away a gift with your brand on, your customer or prospect will be happy, as they have received a gift. Adding an emotion to your brand, makes your brand more memorable, giving greater brand recognition. Which will make you happy.


Now if you add a, follow us link to your social media, to the gift. You can increase your followers.  You can even add a competition to take a picture of the gift, maybe the winner will be the most bazar or the most creative. If you have sweets they can make a picture for the photo with them, before they eat them (Tooti Fruites or skittles are great). Grow a plant, if you give away seeds or a garden. Or if its hot chocolate, a picture of it in your favourite mug. This will give your brand even greater exposure and you will create an engaged following. 


By joining social media and promotional products, whether for a mail out or at a trade show. You are increasing the reach of your brand without adding any costs to your campaign. Few of us are parted from our beloved phones, for more than a few minutes. So it just seems crazy not to utilise the opportunity and this great bit of kit.


By adding a bit of thought, you can increase your following with an interested audience. You can then help them to learn more about what you do and give them useful tips. Just make sure you do not spam them, as this will undo all your hard work.

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