A World Without Promotional Products

I read a blog this week from The Story of Telling. The blog - A Simple Way to Think About The Value You Create, explains another way to think about value and instead of thinking about the features and benefits of your product or service, to turn this thought on its head and think about what your customer's lives would look like if your product or service didn’t exist.


It's not really something I have given a lot of thought to. How about you? What would the world be like without your product or service?


Well it got me thinking about what the world would be like without promotional products. Some may say a better place, which I would agree with regarding the cheap and nasty products, but not all products for obvious reasons.


What would people write with or drink their tea and coffee out of, carry their shopping home in? How would we increase brand recognition, helping prospects to find details quickly when they need your products or service? Promotional products have so many uses, and most people have at least two items on their desk according to the BPMA survey.


So, what can promotional products be used for?

·         To help you to stand out from your competition - By using promotional products to thank your customers for the business, helping you to stand out from your competition. As it is something very few businesses actually do. My suggestions are - chocolates, sweets, biscuits, hampers and notebooks. 

·         They enable you to wow your clients - Sending quality promotional products which are useful to clients will help them to keep your brand if the forefront of their mind. So, they will remember you when your services are required. My suggestions are -Desktop gardens, diary's, notebooks, mugs and travel mugs. 

·         Drive customers to your website - By having your website address on promotional products you can encourage clients and prospects to visit your website. You can have a landing page or an email sign up to encourage people to join. My suggestions are - Sweets, pens, postcard packs. bags and coasters.

·         Expand the reach of your products. My suggestions are - Pens, sweets, shopping bags, USB sticks and mugs. 

·         Increase customer loyalty - By engaging clients with promotional products, you can increase customer loyalty and even encourage them to be a brand ambassador for you and show off your brand as they go about their daily lives. My suggestions are - shopping bags, caps, key rings, pens and notebooks.

·         Increase brand recognition and start conversations - Giving out promotional products is a good way to “break the ice” and start up a conversation. Sometimes that’s all it takes and next thing you know, the two of you are communicating. My suggestions are -Sweets, snacks, mints, lip balms, gardens and postcard packs. 


They are not only for companies that attend trade shows, even though that might be what they are best known for.  Giving promotional gifts to your current and potential customers can aid in branding, improves their opinion of your company, helps people to remember your products or services. 

So, in conclusion, I think a world would not be a better place without promotional products. As we would lose out on so many opportunities, to give gifts and to make people happy. 

If you would like to use good quality promotional products for your marketing but are not sure how or just have a few questions, just get in touch for a bit of advice.

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