Standing Out from The Crowd!

So, you have decided you need to purchase some promotional gifts……. What next? With so many gifts to choose from where do you start.


Identify your audience


Well before you place an order, it’s a good idea to think about who you are giving the gifts to, the demographics of your customer or prospect. Are they a business or end user? Are they predominantly male or female and how old are they? Answering these questions will help you to identify your audience and narrow down your gift options, to make sure your gift is suitable. For example, if your customer or prospects are vegetarians, the last thing you want to do, is hand out sweets containing gelatin!


Think About Your Message


Once you know who your gifts are for, think about the size of the gift. Are you handing the gifts out, will people have to carry them or are you mailing them?  If you are mailing the gifts, look at the cost of postage, as this may use up a significant part of your budget. The size of your message will mean some gifts are unsuitable. For example, if you have a logo, phone number and message you may not be able to fit all of this onto a tin of mini mints or a pen, so it may be better to choosing something larger with a larger branding area.


Stand Out from the Competition!


Right you should now have narrowed things down a bit, so it’s time to think about your available budget and how many gifts you require may rule out many options, as will the type of event or marketing campaign you are holding. Finding gifts which people would find useful for your event, is a great idea. For example, a survival pack containing sunscreen, plasters and wipes would be great for a festival, but probably not ideal for a conference, notebooks and pens may be better suited…. Trying to be different to your competitors will help you to stand out from the crowd and show you are creativity. Just because you are a technology company, you do not have to give out USB sticks!


Your Company Message and Ethos.


So, by now you should have a good idea of your options. But do not forget your company message and ethos. These are extremely important and should be reflected in your choice of gift. If you are an environmentally friendly business, then your gift needs to be environmentally friendly also. Finally, is the lead time, as this may affect your choice as some gifts have longer lead times than others. Well hopefully by now you have a good idea of your options and are nearly ready to place your order. If you need a little more help or advice, free to get in touch.