Promotional Merchandise

Why Your Offer, Shouldn't Be A One Time Only

Many times being contacted as a prospect seems to be a one time offer.

A little like you buy now or never.

But what if you are not quite ready to buy immediately. As maybe your problem is only a niggle at the moment or maybe you not even sure you have a problem yet. What happens? Well I suppose you miss out. Relying on being able to contact a prospect at that perfect moment, when they have a problem or a need and are looking for a solution, only gives you a very small window of opportunity. It is quite hard to predict I would say.

No One Likes A Tumbleweed Moment... Stop Them With Promotional Products

We help our clients to use promotional products, so they do not have the tumbleweed blowing through.

Have you ever had a tumbleweed moment? I have had a few in the past, they are not great. It feels like the silence goes on forever, but that is probably just my imagination. 

It can be easy to let this go on with customers. There is a lot of interaction when the customer is on their journey, through the sales funnel. There are calls, emails, voicemails and lots of messages back and forth. A flurry of activity. 

A World Without Promotional Products

I read a blog this from The Story of Telling. The blog - A Simple Way to Think About The Value You Create, explains another way to think about value and instead of thinking about the features and benefits of your product or service, to turn this thought on its head and think about what your customer's lives would look like if your product or service didn’t exist.

It's not really something I have given a lot of thought to. How about you? What would the world be like without your product or service?

Is it more about the quality or the quantity?

Have you ever bought promotional products for your business? How did it go? Did you get the reaction you wanted or did you cheapen your brand? I hope they worked well as I know they can. Sadly this is not always the case. 

It can be easy to dismiss the value of a promotional product and just think that something cheap and cheerful will do. It doesn't really matter. Well, they are only representing your business after all, so how important can it be. The logo you have deliberated over for many hours, a brand you have built over years. So maybe it is worth the risk?