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8 Eco Friendly Products For Your Marketing Campaigns.

As the Eco-Friendly movement gains popularity customers have a far better appreciation for them and the demand for Eco-Friendly promotional products and practice more now than ever before.

Here is the Gifts Two Give list of 8 Eco-Friendly promotional products which will help you to play your part and help the environment in your next marketing campaign. Products provide value through their sustainability and the beauty of them is they are really easy to implement.

Why Your Offer, Shouldn't Be A One Time Only

Many times being contacted as a prospect seems to be a one time offer.

A little like you buy now or never.

But what if you are not quite ready to buy immediately. As maybe your problem is only a niggle at the moment or maybe you not even sure you have a problem yet. What happens? Well I suppose you miss out. Relying on being able to contact a prospect at that perfect moment, when they have a problem or a need and are looking for a solution, only gives you a very small window of opportunity. It is quite hard to predict I would say.

Why Branded Promotional Products Really Should be Part of your 2019 Marketing Plans

At this time of the year the problem of how to ensure your brand stands out and remains at the forefront of a client’s often arises, branded promotional products are an essential step in a creating an effective marketing strategy.

As the saying goes - out of sight, out of mind. It may seem a little cliche but, is something which can hugely affect the performance your business.

Do You Need More Customers?

Constantly chasing sales can be hard work and seemingly never-ending, as well as being expensive.

It can be difficult to know where to start and the most effective way of doing it.

But we all need new customers and to get those customers to remember us, it’s just a part of business.

But when funds are tight, and cuts need to be made it is often the marketing budget, that is the first thing to be trimmed.

It's just A Mugs Tale.....

It’s Monday again!

I am up early and off we go, back to the working week.

I always get a tinge of excitement, as we turn the corner and see the coffee shop in front of us. In we go, and I am out into the dazzling light, for all to see. I can see the kind barista who greets me every morning with a smile and all the regular customers.

We wait in the queue; the café is always busy and has a lively excitable hum to it, as the world slowly wakes from its weekend slumber.

Have You Found Your Gap Yet?

Business can be daunting, especially if you keep looking at what your competition is up to.

In the promotional products industry, there are lots of distributors, who can do things cheaper and quicker. If I worried about them all of the time, I wouldn't get any work done. 

It probably the same in your industry. 

If you think about it, every industry is probably the same, but smaller businesses still exist. 

So how do they do it?

Are You Farming For The future?

Whether you are selling promotional products, holidays or your time businesses can be tiring. Whilst I love what they do, there is the odd day now and again, which feels like it is a hard slog. You probably get the same feeling every now and again? Sometimes the reason for this is clear, other time not so.

There can be so many things to do, some of which you probably didn’t even realise the need to be done when you started out.

How Are You Getting Your Message To Your Clients?

I went to an event about digital marketing this week. You may think, promotional products how do they fit in with digital marketing. Well, we like to use all of the marketing channels we can to get our message out to our ideal clients. I learned more about how to use social media, video, and PR to best help business. I like to go along to quite a lot of educational events as there is always more to learn and new people to meet.

How We Get A Reaction From Promotional Products and Direct Mail.

Direct mail and promotional products go together perfectly and can make a great impression. There have been many rumours that direct mail is dead, but we can confirm that from our point of view it is alive and kicking.

I was chatting with our postman the other day, he is a nice chap. But the office dog hates him with a passion. He is fine with every other visitor though, which is a bit odd.

Anyway, he was saying (the postman not the dog) that due to emails and messaging, the number of letters he has to deliver has dropped massively.

Is it more about the quality or the quantity?

Have you ever bought promotional products for your business? How did it go? Did you get the reaction you wanted or did you cheapen your brand? I hope they worked well as I know they can. Sadly this is not always the case. 

It can be easy to dismiss the value of a promotional product and just think that something cheap and cheerful will do. It doesn't really matter. Well, they are only representing your business after all, so how important can it be. The logo you have deliberated over for many hours, a brand you have built over years. So maybe it is worth the risk?

How Can Small Questions, Make a Huge Difference?

Would you like olives, while you wait for your order?

 This is heard by every customer at our local pub. You see, they have cross-selling off to a tee.

You may think adding few olives to a few people’s orders, will not make a huge difference. The owner who is a friend of mine, says about 40% of people will have olives. This adds about £120 to his taking each day, £840 per week!. All from one simple question. 

Are You Odds On...Or A Rank Outsider?

I used to work with racehorses. It seems like a lifetime away now.

Now training racehorses look easy. They want to run fast and as long as they are fit and good enough. They should win. 

You have to take in their individual personalities. Some worry, some are boisterous, some don't want to go and some don't want to stop. So it's no good just having a one size fits all training method. You need to either group them by ability and personality or, only buy the kind of horse which fits your training method.

Marketing Feel A Little Like David and Goliath?

When you run your own business, it’s extremely easy to think that where marketing is concerned, it is like David and Goliath. Big businesses have huge budgets, like the 6 million, John Lewis spent on their Christmas ads and the small fortune Coca-Cola spend each year on branded trucks and teams with promotional clothing and products. Going around the country to visit huge crowds at Coca-Cola Christmas. They have large teams, many communication techniques, and a large audience.

Promotional Products Can Do More Harm Than Good?

I received a beautifully glossy brochure this week in the post. The pictures were striking and must have cost a considerable amount of time and money to produce. The brochure had been carefully and lovingly designed. It fitted in really well with the products the business was selling, as they were high end and a considerable investment. 

8 Reasons to Use Promotional Products.

There are many reasons to use promotional products. Here are 8 of my favourite, which can be used at any time of the year and do not need to be put on hold until Christmas.

1.    To create awareness
By creating brand awareness, you are letting people know that you exist as a business. As if they do not know you exist they cannot do business with you, no matter how good your products are. 

What are promotional products?

Promotional products are products which are often branded with a logo or slogan. They are given away to promote a business or a particular marketing campaign, to engage customers and prospects. People often think about them for trade shows and at Christmas, but their use is far greater.  

How do they promote your business?