The Secret Of Making The Most Of Being A Small Business!

They say travel is good for the sole.

Depends on how much walking you do I suppose! Haha! Joking aside, I think it is good for your mind and personal development.

You can also see some amazing things. It is something I need to do more of.

How about you? Are you a keen traveller?

The reason I have been thinking about travel this week is, that I picked my son, Joe, up from the airport on Monday. He had been to Vietnam and had many exciting tales to tell about his adventures.

Joe told me excitedly about the tiny cobbled street with a train track running through the middle and with restaurants either side! First of all, he thought it was just a disused line, but thought it was odd that train times were printed on the menu.

Much to his surprised the train track is very much in use.

It also turns out that only some of the train times are printed. For the rest of the trains you just had to keep your ears open!

When someone shouts train, people calmly pick up their food and drinks, fold away the chairs and tables, then stand back while the train rumbles down the tiny street, within touching distance of the restaurant goers.

My son's stories got me thinking about making the most of what you have.

Which is something the restaurant owners on Train Street definitely do. They are busy every night, partly to do with the novelty of a train rumbling down the street and partly to do with the great food and atmosphere.

Surely this is the beauty of being a small business.

Small businesses are nimble and adaptable and can outmanoeuvre larger businesses.

For example, we had new samples of pea size seed balls arrive today, they are already in cute branded matchboxes and will be on the website as a new product, sometime tomorrow!

How exciting is that!!

I only knew they existed last week! They are a clay ball with wildflower seeds inside and you just scatter them, where you would like them to grow. Not only will you have great flowers, but the flowers will help the bees too. So it will be a win for our clients as they are unusual promotional products which will stand out and a win for the bees.

Being adaptable is personally is one of the things I love about being a small business. It probably has something to do with patients, not being my strong point!

The people in train street could have just decided it was just not a viable place for a restaurant but instead they just used fold-away tables and chairs! Oh and keep an eye out for trains.

They have adapted to their environment and made a feature, of what could be seen as a real issue. Especially as the only reliable train is the 7:00 pm train. The rest just seem to pass through whenever they like.

So what is the secret of being a small business?

I would say it is making the most of being small and not seeing it as a negative. Being adaptable and making the most of it.

Most successful businesses have to adapt, I guess. Whether it is to a changing market, consumer wants and needs or something else.

How do you adapting your business to the environment and your circumstances?

P.S. If you would like one of our new seed ball boxes, just send me a quick email to with your address and I will pop you one in the post as soon as they are in stock. It is my way of saying thank you for taking the time to read my blog :)

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