The surprising facts about lumpy mail

They say that curiosity killed the cat, however, what they forgot to mention is, that curiosity also gets your mail opened!

Well lumpy mail that is.

So, what really is lumpy mail?

It is a letter or a small parcel which has something which is lumpy in it, (make sense I suppose) to encourage the recipient to open it. The lumpy bit is normally a promotional product or a small gift. Which could be a branded pen, a chocolate bar or seeds for example.

So why would you use lumpy mail?

Well, like all forms of marketing, lumpy mail is all about getting your message across to your prospect. Taking them on a journey, from prospect to client. Which can be difficult, especially now with people apparently having an attention span, shorter than a goldfish!

Like many businesses you probably find, people often don’t realise they have a need for your products or service. They struggle along, not knowing they have the problem, that can be easily solved. But you need their attention to let them know you can help.

In some cases up to 11 times, before they move from prospect to client!

So, the question is, how can you grab a few minutes of their time? You need them to stop. Just for a short while, in order to gain their interest.

The trouble is, getting someone’s attention is difficult, especially if they are on the internet. It’s very easy for them to scroll on by, to watch a video about having on point eyebrows or commenting on vegan sausage rolls!

How the world changes. There was a time when as long as your eyebrows were still above your eyes, life was good! But I digress. You see how easy it is!

How does lumpy mail work then?

Most people have loved presents since they were children and getting a present in the post is exciting! Even as an adult!

Opening mail gets them to stop for a moment, curiosity has kicked in. They open the envelope and wonder why on earth they have been sent some chamomile tea bags (for example). So must read on and find out more. The tea bags tie in with the calming theme, of how the sender can help them.

You now have the readers attention, to demonstrate how you can help, most importantly, what is in it for the reader. As we all know this, what is in it for me, is what we all interested in!

The results.

You may think lumpy mail is a little old fashioned. However, studies have shown that 40% of people will try a company after receiving lumpy mail.

There are far more modern ways to market your business, but it is sometimes worth having a look at something not so new. Especially when you are looking to create leads. You may think, no one gets anything in the post anymore. Which is quite true and that is part of the reason lumpy mail works so well.

The dreaded Follow up.

Sadly like many things in marketing, you need to plan to follow up. This could be another letter, which follows on from the first or a phone call or you could send them to a landing page to sign up to receive an email. There are lots of options, but the most important thing is that you have something planned.

By using lumpy mail alongside your other forms of marketing, you will be able to give the appearance of being everywhere and the more people see you, the more memorable your business will become.

If you need any help to create your own lumpy mail campaign, reply to this email. It comes straight into my inbox.

We can provide you with promotional products for the lumps or we can create the whole campaign for you, from start to finish. Even doing the posting. All you need to do is the following up.

Lumpy mail