Thinking of Using Promotional Products In Your Business...But Not Sure How?

We Have a Few Ways To Start You Off....

Marketing is all about getting your message in front of your client or prospect and staying at the forefront of their mind, until they are ready to buy from you. By giving away promotional gifts, you are getting your brand into their hand and you have the perfect opportunity to follow up with them and to educate them further about your brand.

Here are 6 effective ways to use promotional products for your business.


1.       At Trade Shows


Trade shows are the perfect place to give away promotional products. You can give away a product with your details on and you also have a point of conversation to start a chat. Try to give away your products to people, as it will give you the chance to strike up a conversation instead of leaving them piled up on the stand for people to just take without talking to you. Have a nice product which people will value as you have one chance to make a first impression. You can then mention the gift when you follow up which if chosen carefully will make you stand out from your competitors.


2.       As a Lumpy Mail Campaign


Promotional products are ideal for a targeted lumpy mail campaign. It gives you the opportunity to send a gift and a message to your prospects or clients. They will see your brand and read your message as long as it is interesting and not too lengthy. Just make sure you allocate enough time for the follow ups, as you have a great conversation starter for a follow up with a call. If the products are impressive people may even post the gifts they have received on social media. Increasing your reach yet again.


3.       Give Them Away When You Meet Clients


When you or your sales team go out to meet clients and prospects take a gift to leave behind, a great way to say thank you for the meeting and to keep your brand and the meeting at the forefront of their mind. Just remember to mention it when you follow up and ask if they are finding it useful or tasty if it is an edible treat.


4.       Give Promotional Products to Customers Instead of a Discount


Instead of having a sale, which may make customers think the goods were over priced in the first place, give away a free gift with each purchase. This will have a higher perceived value and give them a product with your brand on, which they may use as part of everyday life and promote your brand for free. You can also add a competition for people to post pictures of their free gifts, the winner gets a prize and you get your brand advertised for a very low fee.


5.       Use Branded Products at Work


By using branded products at work, you remind your staff about your brand message and what it stands for throughout their day. This can be in the form of stationary and work wear. You can also use promotional products for handouts and material for team training and other work events including staff. Any pictures which are used for social media can then have your brand cleverly in shot. Adding another avenue to show off your brand.


6.       Give Out Promotional Gifts at Your Next Event


Any events you hold like picnics, training events or trips are a great reason to give away branded gifts and a will enable you to leave a lasting impact on your guests. This could be on staff, employees, customers or prospects. The owner of Trunki the children’s ride on suitcases gave all of his staff one to use for a weekend away. The newspapers featured the picture and which unintentionally gave Trunki a lovely bit of unexpected publicity.


Don't miss Out On Opportunities!


If you do not use promotional products in your business you will be missing may opportunities. There are lots of ways to use promotional products in your business and if you choose your gift and message carefully you will be able to increase brand awareness and message far and wide. Increasing the engagement of staff, customers and prospects.

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