Using Marketing Budgets Wisely

Most businesses need to squeeze as much value for money out of their marketing budget as possible, so choosing the right way to advertise is vital. 
Customers now expect not just great customer service but also a great customer experience. Therefore it is extremely important to nuture your client relationship from when they first come across you, as well as when they become an established client.

Promotional products are 6 times more likely to make a recipient feel appreciated than the media of print, web, direct mail or  TV. So as long as you think carefully about what product you will choose and how this fits in with your company message, promotional products are a great cost effective way to make people feel happy and to raise you brand awareness. 
So whether you choose nostalgic retro sweets in a candy bag or a desktop garden which can nurtured, promotional products are guaranteed to bring a smile to your customers face.
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Which Type of Media Would Be The Most Likely To Make You Take Action?

Information from BPMA research