What are promotional products?

Promotional products are products which are often branded with a logo or slogan. They are given away to promote a business or a particular marketing campaign, to engage customers and prospects. People often think about them for trade shows and at Christmas, but their use is far greater.  


How do they promote your business?

Promotional products are an effective brand awareness tool. As the products are tangible, and many are useful or tasty and are often kept for over 6 months. Which is far longer than many other advertising mediums. They are a cost-effective way to keep your brand and message in front of your clients and prospects and connect with them. A recent study has shown they can increase a client’s goodwill standing, by up to 52%. This can result in increased customer loyalty and repeat custom. It also makes people more lightly to recommend your company to others. 


Who are they good for?

Due to the range of promotional products which are available, they are suitable for all businesses and budgets. All that is needed a little thought and imagination to find a product which will be suitable and relevant to the particular business. By understanding the business and what the brand stands for and who the audience is. Your supplier will be able to suggest relevant promotional products, which will reflect your core values and appeal to your target audience.


Reason to use Promotional Products

There are many imaginative ways to use them from a thank you for the business gifts, we haven’t heard from you in a while gift or a gift to be given away with a purchase. For example, a free notebook or diary when you purchase……..There is a huge range of products from pens, mugs, and sweets to hampers, torches, diary’s and gardens. The list is almost endless.


A well thought out and targeted promotional product campaign, should be included in the marketing plan at the earliest stage. This will give time for planning and research, which will lead to a far more successful campaign, than remembering that you need something to give away at the last minute. Which will hugely narrow the options which are available and probably cost significantly more. 


By ensuring you know your target audience, will help you to choose promotional products which are relevant and of interest to them. This will help to maximise the impact of the campaign and to make the most of the budget, which you have allocated to it.

New Business

When you meet someone the lightly hood of them being ready to buy at that moment, is quite small. According to research, 97% of people will not be ready to buy straight away. So, it is therefore important to make a good impression and stay at the forefront of their mind. By sending them a gift with your details on, they are more lightly to remember you and to take you call in the future. Which give you the opportunity to grow your relationship. 

The range and scope of promotional products are wide-ranging. They can be tailored to an individual business and audience for any occasion. With products to suit all budgets. From sweets and hampers to stress balls and gardens. Maybe give it a try and let us know how you get on. It isn’t something that will cost you a fortune, if you use a bit of imagination. Or if you need some help just get in touch.


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