What Can Promotional Products Do For Your Business?

You want to grow your business, but find it hard to say memorable to clients and prospects.

Sound familiar?

We are surrounded by so much information, which can make it difficult to digest. Also makes it hard for you to get your message to your clients and prospects without them getting lost amongst the rest.

The power of promotional products with your marketing campaign. This could be as a client gift for loyal clients, direct mail or for an exhibition gift.

Personalised items which are useful and which have a clear call to action, help clients to make a deeper emotional connection with the brand.

A recent survey from the BPMA found 83% of customers suggests they can name a brand of the promotional product they have on their desk.

87% of people have kept a product for over a year. The initial investment in promotional products can seem like a high expenditure, due to the longitude of the products. As the cost per impression will be low. For example, imagine the amount of times your details will be seen on a mug on your clients desk. This many views of your details over a long period of time so they become familiar would cost a huge amount on television or in a newspaper.

7 out of 10 marketers use promotional products.

As humans we respond when we receive a gift. Which makes promotional products a fabulously effective way to increase your interactions with your customers.

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