What is in a brand?

What does a brand mean?

Is it just a logo and a message, or does it mean a lot more?

A brand is the whole of the business; it represents the type of business and the type of service customers will receive.

It is like a promise, that a business makes to their customers.

For example, if John Lewis decided to create a hotel. The John Lewis brand would lead you to have a certain expectation of the hotel, before you have even paid a visit. This would be very different from the expectations you would have, if Pound Land created the hotel.

A Ralph Lauren polo shirt will cost substantially more than a Fruit of the Loom polo shirt, even if the quality of the polo shirts were very similar.

The brands have been built up over some time and have created an expectation of what their customers will receive, the type of service they should expect and the amount they are likely to pay.

By creating a strong brand, companies build trust and create fans of the brand who are almost guaranteed to buy the next thing they create.

Having a strong brand makes marketing your message far easier, especially to those who recognise the brand, as they already have a certain familiarity.

You may be thinking that this is okay for the big brands with lots of money to throw at marketing, but not for a smaller business.

This is not necessarily the case, especially if you know your audience, or have a niche.

You will probably find that many people already recognise your business and know what you do.

To create your brand make sure customers and prospects know your story, how you are different and what to expect. Give them a great experience and remember to keep in touch.

This way they are far more likely to remember you and to come back to you again. Giving you the opportunity to show them the promise you keep again and again with all of your customers. Building your brand overtime.

What is your favourite brand and why?

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