Do You Think, "What Is In It For Me" In Your Business Marketing?

Are you ever selfish? Do you do things for your own benefit?

You probably do. We all do. But if we look closely, do we do it more than we think?

Take me for instance, I am signing up to run the Swindon Half Marathon for the Air Ambulance. Which is a fabulous charity and after many years of riding racehorses, something I always hoped would be around to pick me up if I had a bad fall?

So you may think it an unselfish act to run for them. But I have thought about my reasons and I am not so sure. Here they are:

  • Running for a great charity and will make me feel good. 
  • I want to know that if I, my family or anyone I care about, needs the air ambulance the funds will be available for them to fly. 
  • I want to be fitter and I will have to be, in order to run 13 miles. I have the deadline of the 9th September.

So, as you can see these are all selfish reasons. Even if they do help others as well.

So why I am I talking about this, you may ask?

Well, I am not unusual and all of your customers and prospects will be thinking the same as me.

What is in it for me?

This is what people really want to know. They will not ask you outright, but this is actually what they are looking for.

Which is why it is something you need to think about, in your business marketing. 

If a person owns the business it may be; how will this make the business grow, work better or save it money. If they work in the business, they will also be thinking about how it will affect their work role and how it will make them look in front of their peers. As, they will not want to make a wrong decision, which will have a negative impact on them.

So, the job when marketing your business is to explain the advantages to people clearly. This could be in the form of testimonials, case studies and blogs. This is especially important as up to 75% of the business decision, has been made before a prospect or client actually speaks to anyone from the company. 

It is hugely important for people to know where to find this information. As they may not find it, just by searching on Google. Also by leaving them to search on google, you have a less control over where they go to first.

By having a landing page or specific article to send them to, you have far more control over their journey.

So how do you get them to the landing page or article?

You can use social media, email campaigns, mailing campaigns, promotional products and following up at networking events. Then you are lightly to find your ideal clients on whichever platform they hang out on. 

We often add the details for landing pages, social media pages and websites to promotional products for our clients and had a client recently who from an outlay of £150 created £3,000 of business. 

As well as giving out the details to find out the information they may need, we also make sure the promotional products fit the "What is in it for me",  question. we do this by making the product useful to the person who is receiving it. Which increase the chance of them being kept, used or eaten. 

If you would like help with promotional products for your business marketing or would like to find out how you may be able to use them, get in touch.


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