When It's More Than Just, Customer Service

"Customer service is not what it used to be!"

That's what I was told this week, by a friend.

I am not so sure myself, was it just nostalgia talking.

You know the “back to the good old days!” thing.

Well quite possibly.

I think there are good and bad, both back in the day and now.

However, having real customer service is a fabulous way to stand out. I don't just mean doing the basics, which your client has paid for. I mean the extra special service.

The one that makes you feel very special. The kind that delights you. The kind that makes you want to tell everyone about your fantastic experience.

My daughter has been volunteering in Sri Lanka recently. She took a bag of washing to the launderette and asked for her clothes to be washed and dried. My daughter picked the clothes up. Much to her surprise, they had been washed, dried and ironed. A pair of trousers, which had, had a row with the fence and lost, had been mended!

My daughter asked if she needed to pay more. The lady said that it was all part of the service.

It became my daughter’s local laundry for the next five weeks. It had been recommended by a friend to my daughter when she arrived.

Each time she took her washing there, she received the same service.

It became somewhere that she recommended to everyone, who came to stay in the house. Just like it had been recommended to her.

There were other launderettes around. They may have been cheaper and better, but my daughter didn't bother to find out. She did not need to. She was completely happy with the service she was getting.  

Okay, so what can we learn from the launderette?

Going the extra mile will help you stand out and turn your customers into raving fans.

So much so, they will not even look elsewhere. As they are happy and content with what they have. What’s more, they will even turn into your raving fans and tell everyone, how wonderful you are. 

You know that feeling when, you have found something that is fantastically good, and you just must tell people. That is what we need to create. 

How do you make sure you stand out and create raving fans?


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