Who Gives You The Sinking Feeling?

You can probably think of a friend or relative who will only get in touch when they need something. It can be quite annoying. You see their car pull up outside or their number on your phone and you get that sinking feeling. You know that they are not just getting in touch for a chat.

This happens in business too. You have probably experienced it. A business that hasn't been in touch with you for a long time, will suddenly think you are their best friend when they have something new to sell. Or they get in touch because you bought something this time last year. They will keep on for a while and then it will all go quiet. Until next time! I find this just leaves me with the sinking feeling that they are just getting in touch purely for their benefit.

I understand it is exciting when you have something new to sell, but it is far better to build relationships throughout the year, through communication than to just pounce on people with a new product or offer. If you are in touch with them over a longer period of time they are far more lightly to keep you on their radar or come and find you when they need something. By giving them help and demonstrating how you value them, you can create far more interest. Then they will be quite happy to hear from you in the future.

There is a local company who get in touch with me every now and again. The message is usually the same. It goes along the lines of, I have had a look at your social media and it is poor. So, for £300 per month, we can take it over and do a better job. Ironically this business has fewer followers on Twitter than I do (I know followers aren’t everything) and tweets every now and again!

Now they have made no effort to get to know what I do or what I need and insulted me by saying what I am doing is poor. I am not sure how this technique works for them, but if I did need help with my social media they would be the last people I would go to.

They have not actually said how they can help, what benefit it would give me. They have just said it costs £300. For all, I know it could be amazing, but I am not interested in finding out and just in case you were wondering, I politely declined their offer.

I know building honest relationships with clients and prospects can be time-consuming, but I think it does make business far more pleasant and it will keep people coming back for many years. They are also far more lightly to recommend you to others which will not take you any time at all. So, over a longer period of time, it will actually save you time. It just depends if you are in business for the quick fix or the long hall.

If you have any questions or you would like some help, just get in touch.


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