Why Branded Promotional Products Really Should be Part of your 2019 Marketing Plans

At this time of the year the problem of how to ensure your brand stands out and remains at the forefront of a client’s often arises, branded promotional products are an essential step in a creating an effective marketing strategy.

As the saying goes - out of sight, out of mind. It may seem a little cliche but, is something which can hugely affect the performance of your business. It’s not about just having some stuff to give away, but instead by having some carefully chosen great promotional products throughout the year which will stay around and help to solve the issue.

Here are a few reasons why.

1. Keeping Awareness

Keeping your contact details in front of your client with a carefully chosen promotional giveaway you are likely to increase repeat business. As your details will be always available and your brand stays at the forefront of their mind as they see it regularly.

2. Creating Better Relationships

Promotional giveaways will boost client relationships and increase loyalty. By giving a thoughtfully chosen promotional gift positive links can be made and relationships strengthened. Clients always like to know they are appreciated, and their custom is valued.

3. Perceived Value.

Giving a discount on your prices can often lead to customers feeling disappointed as to why the price was not lower to start off with. By giving a promotional product you are adding value to the relationship instead of possibly devaluing it.

4. Brand Ambassadors

By giving away a product which is useful and used frequently you can turn your clients into brand ambassadors. This could be a travel mug, shopping bag, umbrella or notepad.

5. Guide prospects to further Information

By having codes and links on the branded promotional products you can easily guide prospects and clients to places to find more information, such as a landing page or social media channels. This will give you more opportunity to engage with them, building stronger relationships.

6. ROI

As promotional products are useful, and many are kept for over a year, the ROI often far outweighs the initial costs. Products are seen and used long after an ad or a flyer would have disappeared.

The reasons above show why promotional products should be part of your marketing plan.

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