Why you can't afford to buy cheap branded pens....

Promotional products are a fabulous way to get your brand in front of clients and prospects, but I probably would say that, as I am a little bias.

Pens are something we all use. The paper-free office is a bit like the flying cars, which we were told would be the norm one day, but they still seem a long way off. As much as we all like technology there is a certain pleasure and indulgence in putting pen to paper. However, this pleasure can be rudely interrupted if the experience turns out to be with a cheap and scratchy pen, which feels like it may not make it to the end of the page.


It’s Just Something to Put Your Band On…Right?


Now if the pen is branded, this interrupted pleasure is now associated with the brand. This may be the last thing that this person sees before the pen is launched unceremoniously into the bin or the darkness of the bottom drawer, with all the other junk. By giving a cheap gift, you are showing your customers they are not really worth anything of value. Probably not the impression that you were hoping for. 


A Short Life Of A Pen Means, the Same For Your Brand


Depending on how long the pen works, will affect how long its journey will be. No one knows where your pen will end up or how far it will travel, or how many owners it will have. What we do know is as soon as it stops working, its journey will come to an abrupt end. Not many people will keep a pen, which doesn’t work. They don’t have many other uses unless you are 7 and can use it to jab a sibling.


But I Don’t Want To Spend Too Much…


You have a budget, most of us do. However, presumably you have spent a long time and a lot of effort to build your brand and you would not like to damage it.  The solution is just to use the budget you have wisely. Show your customers and prospects they really are worth a decent pen. By choosing to have fewer gifts which are better quality, you can make a good impression on 250 people, which is far better than making a bad impression on 500 people. Make sure you ask for a sample, so you can have a little look at it and give it a little test drive.


You May Be OK With Cheap and Nasty.....


So just think carefully about the type of people you are targeting and what they will like, think about the impression you would like to make. You may be OK with cheap and nasty, but it may be better for your brand if you are not. By choosing a pen which is a pleasure to use you will have better value for money in the long run, as no one will see your brand if it is in the bin or the bottom drawer.

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