Why you shouldn’t stop marketing in the holidays!

The summer holidays are almost here!

Fingers crossed, there will be many long sun-filled summer days ahead of us. With laughter, relaxation, good food, maybe the odd drink or two and not too many thunder bugs!

This is the time when bizarrely many businesses stop marketing.

Using the excuse that everyone is on holiday.

Well, personally, I find it a little hard to believe. As businesses still seem to stay open! Surely proving someone must be there!

So, what will you be doing about your marketing this summer?

Will you give it a miss until September. Then blow the dust off and see how it goes?

Nice thought as it is. You will be effectively losing 20% of the year!

Which seems like a considerable chunk to me!

But no one market’s in the holidays!

You may have heard the saying “but no one markets in the holidays”. Therefore, you think, what the point is.

Everyone is on holiday. Well, contrary to popular belief, not everyone can be on holiday, as businesses still stay open and seem to function perfectly well.

Yes, more people than usual may be on holiday, but many will not, and if they are they will probably not be away for the full 8 weeks.

So what are the advantages?

Many businesses do have a slightly quieter time, so they are more likely to have a few more minutes to read your letter, email or to chat on the phone for a few minutes.

Many businesses don’t like marketing. So, they are more than happy to go with the excuse that, there is no point marketing as everyone is on holiday.

Meaning there will be far fewer people vying for the attention of your audience and inboxes and social media feeds will be a little less full. This will increase the likely hood of your message, getting some quality attention.

You may even get lucky and find that the PA that never puts them through is away. Meaning they get to talk to that hard to reach the person, who has been elusive for months.

Why would you wait?

So my question is - why would you wait for everyone else to start marketing. It is like being offered a head start in a running race and saying “No, I don’t want an advantage!”.

Seems just a little crazy to me!

You could already have your marketing at full gallop while your competitors are thinking of getting off their sun lounger!

What can you achieve in the holidays?

You could build a relationship with a prospect and find out when they are likely to need your services. Then scheduled with them when to get in touch.

You could find out that some of your audience don’t need your services. So, remove them from your follow-ups.

You could make a sale or two.

You could build a relationship with the elusive person while the PA is away. So that you can call their mobile in the future.

Making the most of it.

By having a strategy to keep your marketing going over the summer, you can make great leaps forward. Meaning you can make the most of the last two quarters of the year!

Enjoy the holidays and if you need some help to stay front of mind with your audience get in touch.

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