Why Your Offer, Shouldn't Be A One Time Only

Many times being contacted as a prospect seems to be a one time offer.

A little like you buy now or never.

But what if you are not quite ready to buy immediately.

As may be your problem is only a niggle at the moment or maybe you not even sure you have a problem yet.

What happens? Well, I suppose you miss out, as does the business.

Relying on being able to contact a prospect at that perfect moment. When they have a problem or a need and are looking for a solution, only gives you a very small window of opportunity. Which is quite hard to predict I would say.

The buyer's journey, which is the process buyers go through to become aware of a problem, can be different lengths for different people.

There are three main stages to the journey.

The awareness stage – when the buyer realises they have a problem and start to research it, to get a clearer understanding. 19% of people will make a decision to buy in this stage.

The Consideration stage – The buyer has defined their problem and researches options which can solve it. 60% of people will make a decision to buy in this stage.

The decision Stage - The buyer chooses a solution, the long list of options will be narrowed down and a final decision will be made. 20% of people will make a decision to buy in this stage.

Therefore if you only ever appear once on someone’s radar, only 19% of people will be ready to make a decision to buy. Which it is why it is important to appear at all stages of the journey. It could increase your chances hugely.

By having a strategy to help your target market from the beginning to the end of their journey, you will not only make their journey easier but yours too.

You can start by helping them to identify their symptoms and help them to realise they have a problem. Then follow on by showing them products and services which you can offer, that could be a feasible solution to their problem.

By then demonstrating how your product or service will the best fit and giving them the information they are likely to need to make a final decision. You have the best chance of them buying.

There are many ways to help your prospects along the buying journey. From blogs and videos to lumpy mail and articles.

If you would like help to target your audience with a lumpy mail campaign, get in touch.

We have promotional products to create the lumps, to help you make your own campaign or we can do the whole campaign for you. Including targeted letters.

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