Why Your Promotional Merchandise, Could Be Killing Your Exhibition Sales!

Going to exhibitions and trade shows can be expensive, but also really profitable if you go to the right one and make the most of the event.

Some people love them; some hate them.

However, whichever way you feel, everyone has a few moments to make an impression.

Either good or bad.

So, you dress smartly, pay attention, smile, have a few questions to start a conversation and of course have your promotional merchandise on the table, because that is just what everyone expects.

It is a bit like giving party bags at a children party.

You give a cheap toy, a bag of sweets and a piece of cake as it is expected.  No one wants a child to have a full-on meltdown, just as they are about to make their way out of the door finally.

No child ever plays with the toy for more than 2 minutes, but you have to give one all the same.

At a children party, it doesn't matter, apart from them ending up in the landfill.

However, the exhibition is quite a different thing.

Giving a cheap pen or some other cheap piece of promotional merchandise creates a poor impression.

It gives the unfortunate impression of how little the visitor means to the company.

Usually, this happens just before they leave the stand, so it is the impression which will stay with them. To add insult to injury, if they do use the cheap pen and either it falls apart or it doesn't work at all, it is associated with your brand.

Your brand will be the last thing they see before they launch it towards the bin in annoyance.

All of this will cause more harm than good. Making it less likely that the prospect will contact you (as your details are probably in the bin with the pen), take your call or buy something from you. Which is how promotional merchandise could be killing your exhibition sales.

It is unrealistic to expect cheap exhibition promotional merchandise like a 40p pen, to make a favourable impression on sales, especially if what you are selling is a high-ticket item.

So, before you order your next piece of promotional merchandise for your exhibition, put yourself in your prospects shoes and think about what they will find useful and what will last.

You may find a pen is the most practice gift, which they will use.

Just maybe not one that costs 40 p!

Whilst may cost you a little more, the impression you will make will be far better and will last for longer. So the promotional merchandise is far more likely to give you a return on your investment.

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