Will You Do Anything Different Or Keep To The Same Story In 2018?

Well, 2017 has been a good year at Gifts Two Give. We have accomplished a lot, but still have plenty to do.  I sincerely hope it has been a good year for you. 


We have learnt about our different strengths and weaknesses. I have found one of my weaknesses this week, as I have been struck down by the lurgy, for the last few days. Looking on the bright side, I have had time to sit and think about the approaching New Year, as I have not been able to do much else.


 To brighten my day, my new SELF Journal has arrived, full of virgin pages and possibility. It is an early Christmas present, which is very exciting. I have decided to pick one thing to concentrate on for the next 12 weeks, as that is how long the journal lasts for.  


I have finally come to terms with the fact that I am not a magician. I cannot conjure up more time. I need to measure more of what I do. To work as effectively as possible. Which will allow me to get to where I want to be.


It can be easy to work away and to be too busy to measure what you are doing, as often as you should. The story we tell ourselves about what we are doing with time and with ourselves is up to us. Having a journal will leave nothing to chance and something to act on. It will not be a New Year’s resolution, as I think they often fail. It will be just something new I will be doing and as the journal was bought for me by my grown-up children, I know I will not let them down and I will use it to its full capacity. Also I have have told all of you readers, so feel free to check up on me!


I am really excited about the approaching New Year, but I am definitely going to take off a little time over Christmas first, as I love it and I am quite a child at heart.


Well, know you know what I have decided to act on in the days to come.


What will you choose to change in the New Year?


Feel free to leave them in the comments below. Accountability sometimes makes all of the difference.

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Here is the link to the journal if you would like to look: