Win Their Loyalty With The Element Of Surprise.

Have you ever received an unexpected gift? I bet you have. 

I did the other day, from my daughter. It was a lovely surprise. 

She bought me a bar of chocolate, which she carefully wrapped and left it on my desk with a note. It was to say thank you for doing my job. For being her mom, but she wanted to thank me for doing it anyway. It made me feel very special and I really appreciated it.

You see the most important thing to me was not the money that had been spent on the chocolate, or the chocolate in fact (whilst it was my favourite). It was about my daughter wanting to thank me and going to the effort of doing so.


Most purchases are made on emotion.


Now, as humans, we are rather emotional creatures, even though some will still deny it. Most purchases are made on emotion and justified with logic later. This is not something that is done consciously, it is just something that happens. You may have shops that you buy from, not because they are the cheapest or the closest, but you buy from them because you like them. You like what they stand for and you like the way they make you feel. 


Win Their Loyalty!


With that in mind, it is really important to think about how you make your clients feel. As, the way you make them feel, can win their loyalty, time after time. The only time you don't have to worry about this is, if you have no competitors, in your field. Which is not something that happens often. If this is not the case for you, use the element of surprise and send your client a gift unexpectedly. You will be pleasantly surprised by their reaction.  


Summer brings out the sunscreen and desktop gardens


We like to help our clients to thank their clients with promotional products. As not only is it a great gift to say thank you, but it is also a great reminder of their brand and message. One we love to use at this time of year is the desktop garden which is great to show growth and growing together.  The gardens fit in well with coaches, the financial sector and social media experts. We also have sunscreen which is excellent for the travel industry, events and festivals. You never know, when the sun will decide to come out. As we all know in the UK, it can be raining in the morning and cracking the flags by the afternoon.


Not having a lot of competition is no excuse.


I have one supplier whose service is awful. Sadly, they are the only company that has a  license for this particular product in the UK. So I begrudgingly use them, in the knowledge that if anyone else starts to stock this product, I will be off, even if their customer service is only half decent. 

You see, I have no loyalty to my supplier, as they show no care or interest to me. They probably don't give customer service a lot of thought. Or maybe they have and just don't like customers!


Do you know how your customers feel?


As you can see it is important to think about how you make your customers feel. As if you care and show it, you are far more likely to gain their loyalty. 

Do you show them you appreciate them?

Whatever you offer, you do need to address your clients needs, but the way you treat them shows your client really how important they are to you. For most businesses clients are vital, so don't leave this bit to chance. 

We have lots of ideas, for different industries and always look carefully at who you are looking to thank or contact and your reason for doing so. By doing this we can help you to find the product, which will be most relevant to who you are targeting. 

If you would like some help to do this get in touch.