We Love Promotional Products

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I am Rebecca Harrison, the founder of Gifts Two Give. Mother of two grown up children, Joe and Frances, partner to John and a keen cook with a passion for promotional products and TVR Tuscan's, (especially red ones).


After many years of working with racehorses, I decided to change direction and began working with promotional products. Which after a short while I found I loved, well after all who doesn't like giving presents and making people smile! 


Working in the promotional products industry for many years, allowed me to gain a great understanding of the industry and suppliers. Which lead me to the decision to set up, Gifts Two Give. We pride ourselves on being a bit different to most promotional product suppliers. We do not just want to supply you with stuff with your logo on. We want to supply you with products that will delight your customers and prospects, making you memorable for a long time.


I understand how hard it can be for you in a noisy world, to engage your clients and prospects. People process on average 1538 ads per day, according to research, So it is quite easy for them to forget about a business and forget to buy from you, More because they forget to remember, than meaning to forget, (that is unless they have had bad service, which always seems memorable, but for the wrong reasons) and something I am sure you would not give.


People are emotional creatures and most buying decisions are emotionally based, backed up by logic, not that many people will admit to it. By adding an emotion to your brand you will make it instantly more memorable. This is easy to do by giving a gift with your logo on and bringing a smile to someones face. As long as the gift is good quality gift, as this is something you are adding our brand to which, I presume you have worked hard to create. You do not want to be bringing back memories of bad Christmas presents (from that relative, we all seem to have). Now promotional products are fabulous, but they work best as part of a campaign. So try make sure you follow up with either a call or an email to make the very best of them. 


Why Gifts Two Give?


 When setting up Gifts Two Give, as well as helping businesses to make their campaigns flourish and their businesses grow, I wanted us to do a little bit more to help people, who are having a tough time. So we give 10% of net profits to charity, the charity we have chosen is Young Minds and they help children and young people with their mental health and well being. This is why we use two as the gifts give twice, not because we can't spell. As many products as possible are sustainably and ethically sourced, to look after the planet and the people who produce them as well.